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Welcome to the Collaborative Forum!

The Collaborative Forum is a community of federal, state, local, and non-government stakeholders who work together to improve federally-funded, state-administered programs. Convened in 2010 to consult on pilot ideas for the Partnership Fund for Program Integrity Innovation, the Collaborative Forum has evolved into a dynamic learning community where stakeholders discuss important topics and exchange ideas for improving program integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness. 

Through monthly meetings, webinars and other presentations, the Forum provides many opportunities for members to share best practices and learn from one another while helping to advance the improvement of service delivery, efficiency and the reduction of waste. We encourage members to participate in these discussions and share their ideas. To participate in Forum discussions, visitors must create an account and log in. Non-members of the Forum can learn more about how the Forum works by clicking the tabs above.

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Brenna Isman

Collaborative Forum

Phone Number: 202-204-3625
Profile: bisman
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