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Work Groups and Committees

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Committees and Work Groups

The Collaborative Forum establishes work groups and committees to drive discussion on important topics and develop promising pilot ideas into innovative, feasible concepts that can be considered for funding. The following work groups and committees are currently active on the Forum:

Intergovernmental Collaboration Work Group

The Collaborative Forum has become a place where all levels of government, the private sector, non-profits, and academia can convene to focus on common challenges, potential solutions, and the sharing of lessons learned. The Forum established the Intergovernmental Collaboration Work Group to develop a proposal on how these valuable activities can continue for the duration of the Forum’s funding through FY 2013 and beyond.

The National Eligibility Database Work Group is currently working to develop one or more pilot concepts for an online national eligibility database portal linked to financial and other databases modeled after financial institution risk management technology to reduce fraud and errors in benefit programs. Recent discussions have explored the Enterprise Data Warehouse model and the Department of Treasury's Do Not Pay initiative.

Ideas Committee

The Ideas Committee considers pilot concept ideas as they come in from participants through,, and other sources. Ideas Committee members discuss the ideas and determine which ones should be developed into concept papers to be considered for funding.
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